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The best choice for your dog.

Kennel Rates

Standard boarding pick up times are from 4:00 pm to 6:40 pm

4x6 kennels | With Kennel Run

  • One Dog$35
  • Two Dogs$63
  • Three Dogs$81

6x6 kennels | With Kennel Run

  • One Dog$38
  • Two Dogs$68
  • Three Dogs$90

5x4 kennels | No Kennel Run

  • One Dog$30
  • Two Dogs$54
  • Three Dogs$78

All Kennels: $5 Extra for full day of daycare!

Boarding Packages

Pajama party | $40

    Sleep in appropriate sized crates in our kennel free lounge area where staff is present. Please call for multiple dog discount prices.

  • Includes full day of daycare
  • Sleep near kennel staff (in appropriate size crate)

All inclusive Luau| $50

    Ability to sleep freely with an employee of Paradise Paws in our kennel free lounge Cots, blankets, beds and furniture provided. Please call for multiple dog discounts.

  • Kennel free entire stay!
  • Includes full day of daycare
  • Nightly movies

All overnight accommodations include:

  • A blanket, dog bed or cot
  • Nightly treat (with permission of course)
  • Fresh water at all times
  • Temperature controlled rooms
  • One on one attention
  • Soft lighting at bed time and throughout night
  • Lavender infused aroma therapy for peaceful sleep
  • Administration of necessary medications
  • Abundance of kisses

Kennel Add-ons

  • Brush out$5-$10
  • Bath and blow dry$15-$25
  • Nail trim$15
  • Private cuddle time at night 20 minutes$10
  • One on one play time 30 Minutes$10
  • Kongs$1
  • Peanut butter stuffed Kongs$2
  • Yogurt stuffed Kongs$3
  • House Food$1/cup
  • Early Sunday Pick Up (Ask in advance)$15

All services are subject to tax.
There is an additional 3% charge for all credit card processing.